Our Partners

Passionate about Central

When you love a place it creates a loyalty beyond reason. People who are passionate about Central Otago and embrace our regional values are people who care about this place. Our Partners are people who have agreed to do just that. They want to be great advocates for Central Otago and help create the kind of place we can be proud of.

Make wise choices

Our partners tell us what living the Central Otago values looks like in practice. They’ve critically thought about the decisions they made and the way they want to operate because they care.

Any Central Otago business or community group who is passionate about Central Otago and wants to live by our regions values can be a proud partner too. Contact the Regional Identity Manager to arrange a time to meet with you.

Contribute to our regional vision

Imagine Central Otago as a vast land of uncompromising beauty. People with noble hearts, strength, bravery, ingenuity, high spirits, freedom and pride that soars. A place that attracts new thinking. Central Otago will be a better world for those that succeed us.

Millers Flat Holiday Park

Basil, Parsley & Partners

Dear Lissy

Lake Roxburgh Lodge

The Central App

Kopuwai Consulting Ltd

Central Blue Ltd

Janyne Fletcher Photographer

Heliview Flights

Remarkable Orchards

Feinerman's Ltd

New Zealand Nut Producers

Central Otago Clutha Trail Company

Pitches Store

Central Otago Town Crier

Hilton Signs Limited

45 South

Bike It Now!

Joanne Deaker, Artist

Central Otago Premium Fruit Ltd

Wedderburn Cottages


Carrick Winery

Touch Yarns

Jimmy's Pies

Cairnmuir Olive Oils

Waipiata Country Hotel & Tussock Lodge

Harmony Skin & Beauty

Closeburn Station

Gertz Larder