Carrick Winery

For Carrick Winery’s founders Steve Green and Barbara Robertson Green, there is no distinction between grapes, wine and wine with food. They are part of a continuum that starts with the land and concludes with the wine in the glass.
Carrick Winery


Before turning their hands to winemaking, Steve was a chief executive and Barbara had a background in nursing and science. They came into the business with a passion for wine and gathered skills as they went along. Critically, they understood that making good wine also meant running a good business.

We came from Dunedin and loved Central Otago. We loved wine and we believed we could make great wine in this area. It is easy enough to make wine that doesn’t reflect a place. At Carrick we focus on what we have – the land, the vines, grapes and organics – and that is reflected in the quality of our wine. We were hands on right from the beginning, planting the vineyard ourselves. And we have always employed good people who can add to our business.

Carrick Winery Carrick Winery Carrick Winery


Central Otago value: Making a sustainable difference

When Steve and Barbara moved to Central Otago, they knew sustainability was crucial. If the business was not sustainable, it would not endure. Every decision made has been mindful of the community and the region’s natural pull towards harmony.

For us, sustainability is about protecting and enhancing the land. Because of these beliefs we have chosen to be organic, in both the vineyard and the winery. But that’s not the only aspect. We must be economically sustainable. If not, we won’t be around for long. And we must be sustainable within our community. We work with and employ local people, but it’s also about being a genuine part of our community. 


Central Otago value: Making a difference

Breaking new ground is a risk. It was 1994 when Carrick Winery’s owners ignored the naysayers and began planting. Today, Steve and Barbara continue to inspire and lead others, as they recognise that their actions do make a positive difference to Central Otago’s people and environment.

We believed Central Otago would make great pinot noir. When we first started, people said ‘what on earth are you doing? You’ll never grow grapes in Central. But we know these soils – they are young and exciting. One thing about living in the middle of a vineyard is that you know every inch of it. And you can taste it in the wine. Central Otago pinot noirs are intrinsically linked to place and people. 


Central Otago value: Protecting our rich heritage

Central Otago has an enviably colourful heritage – one that defines the region. Therefore, Steve and Barbara’s focus on ‘place’ was always going to be fundamental when looking for the perfect name. In many respects, “Carrick” named itself – with a gentle nudge from the past.

We wanted to draw on landmarks and history when naming the winery. Our vineyard fell within the historic ‘Carrick Riding’ jurisdiction. To the west is the Carrick Range and the old goldmining settlement of Carricktown, as well as the historic Carrick water race. Then we discovered the Carrick Bend – an old sailor’s knot. That sealed it. The Carrick Bend on our label is a symbol of how we tie everything together – land, grapes, people, history and wine. 

Carrick Winery