2019 Young Professional Award Winner

Annabel Bulk

Viticulturalist Annabel Bulk is a remarkable young woman with a love for land and people.

A Lincoln University graduate, Annabel has worked for Felton Road Wines since 2012. The winery is a partner in her success. It’s there that she has had opportunities to thrive, developing exceptional industry skills and knowledge, progressing from vineyard hand to supervisor, and then to assistant viticulturalist in 2017.

Locally and nationally Annabel has had huge success, gaining wide recognition and respect for her knowledge, skills and dedication to viticulture, coupled with her voluntary work in conservation.

In 2018, Annabel won the Bayer Young Viticulturalist of the Year award—the second woman to do so—and the Young Horticulturalist of the Year award representing the wine industry. She had previously won two first places in the Central Otago Young Viticulturist Competition.

She on the Young Growers Central Group board and a Central Otago Biodynamic Association member and a biodynamics enthusiast. Through her voluntary work with native reforestation groups she demonstrates her commitment to protecting the environment.

Annabel also shines with her personal skills—she is a certified marriage celebrant.

Annabel is a `go-getter’, a fast-rising star in New Zealand’s wine industry. She is a high achieving, inspirational leader whose hard work, commitment and vision are reaping big rewards.