Our Visual Identity

Our Visual Identity

Capturing everything about Central Otago in a single image or statement was impossible. Yet we wanted to visually express something incredibly simple that was truly different.

Our unique visual identity is much more than a logo, its inspiration comes from the land, seasons and people and our shared set of values.

The logo, colours, fonts, photography style and additional patterns have all been created to work in harmony with the other and express our visual identity. Correct usage of our visual identity is integral to maintaining a consistent look and standard and will help build greater recognition of our special place – Central Otago.

This visual identity is a way of bringing our region together connecting sectors, businesses and community groups in Central Otago. As more businesses and organisations show they are proud supporters of our region, our regional identity will grow in strength.

The local community is welcome to use the unique mark designed to capture our special place in association with their business or community group project as a way of showing their support for this region. To become a partner you will need to complete an application before you can access the resource area. Essentially you will be asked to uphold the regional values and agree to the terms and conditions of use.

Our Unique Mark

Our Central Otago regional proposition has a unique mark is designed to capture everything about Central. It has a simplicity and boldness befitting our region and our values.

To represent this, the upper part of the symbol's circular form represents a solitary cloud whisked upward against a vast deep blue sky. The lower form represents both the Central Otago landscape and the New Zealand native falcon, the Karearea. In symbolic language, the falcon is associated with noble-natured people, strength, bravery, ingenuity and high spirits, evoking freedom and pride as it soars above the golden, contoured land. We too can soar here.

The artwork files and guidelines covering its use are available to our partners in the resource area.

Regional Colour Palette

Central Otago has inspired many creative people to paint, photograph, write literature and poetry about this place. Its light, changing seasons and unique flora gives us a rare and unusual colour palette.

Our colours were specifically chosen to reflect our region’s unique visual character. With perhaps the most extreme seasonal changes of any region in New Zealand, the colour system for our visual identity takes its inspiration from our distinct seasons.

Supporting palette

Alongside the main colours, there are supporting colours that were chosen for strength to work on white or black.

Together, the six colours reflect the local natural colours and changing seasons and work perfectly on both black and white backgrounds.

Incorporating these colours in your own marketing material helps to build a strong connection to the region. The full colour specifications (CMYK, RGB and Web) are specifically available to our partners in the resources area.


Font styles are a major contributor to any graphic design system for a visual identity. Three font styles have been chosen to represent Central Otago for their readability and flexibility of use.

Below are examples of the fonts that you can include in your material when you want to show your support as a proud partner in our region.

Trajan – Use for feature headings
A modern cut of letters carved into the Trajan column in Rome. It has a classic authority and sense of grandeur appropriate for the vast spaces of Central Otago.

Transit Font – Use as primary font
This contemporary font was selected for its clear open form making it ideal as the primary font for all signage and communications. Its open letter forms and pragmatic, solid honesty, reflect our Central Otago values.

Arial Font – Web Friendly
Arial was chosen particularly for website and email use as it is readily available on most computers.

Photography & Storytelling

This is a visual and sensual place, without comparison and we have no doubt our story of Central Otago will grow. A landscape or object can be beautiful in itself, but combined with an emotional image of a person, the visual dynamic and message is greatly enhanced. It can tells you what emotion you should feel. Elated, proud, awe-inspired? Creating an emotional connection through right imagery helps tell a story.

It is often difficult to capture everything in one image. Having a combination of images tells a stronger story. Think about the feeling you want to capture.

The Central Otago visual identity uses the layering technique to do just that. It mimics the land and schist, creating a flexible system that enables a greater use of available images and a stronger story telling ability.

Images that capture our distinctive landscape, close ups of textures and people in their natural environments all aid in the visual interpretation of Central Otago.


Our Image Style: Our Distinctive Landscapes, Textures, People and Activities

Getting the right imagery to express our world of difference takes both time and money, but, a strong image set can have a lasting impact. Communicating our special difference without imagery would be challenging.

Our Distinctive Landscapes
With one of the most distinctive landscapes in New Zealand, key to communicating this is to focus on what is iconic about Central Otago - the flat top hills, fresh blue skies, the extreme seasonal changes, that sense of space and scale.

Creating a visual dynamic requires contrast. Close-ups of this environment rich in seasonal variation we find diversity in texture. Contrasts in colour, scale, patterns provide a counterpoint to the wide open landscapes.

Central Otago’s people are grounded, honest, solid and dependable. Key to our image style is capturing real people in their natural environment.

Key to differentiating our point of difference is the attitude and pace of life. Central is all about space and connection to the land and responses to the seasons. Capturing activities that focus on the individual moment; their escape and pace.

Additional Graphics

Unique design elements have been created that add a richness to our regional identity design system. These elements add depth to designs, and can help to fill space when photography is not available.

The range of graphics includes:

• The upper part of the logo, can be used as a stand-alone element, or as a water-mark
• Decorative spacers that can be used within text and headings
• Colour bar tags that can be used at the edge of a page or as a divider between images and text
• Fine lines reminiscent of topographical lines that can be used in part or as a whole to break large areas of solid colour
• Graphics of the tagline “A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE” and the regional website address for those that don’t have access to the font library

The artwork files and guidelines covering their use are available our partners in the resource area.

Resource Library

To access our unique mark and logo for Central Otago and range of resources you will be asked to uphold the terms and conditions of use along with our regional values. After all, it’s in our best interests as a region to create a consistent look and feel.

To find out about accessing the resource library and becoming a partner please Contact Us.