Millers Flat Holiday Park

Marise and John May `took a little step off the diving board’ when they bought the Millers Flat Holiday Park. Nestled in the small Teviot Valley township close by the mighty Clutha Mata-au River, the 5-acre camping ground is a quintessential Kiwi holiday spot where plenty of good times are shared.  

Millers Flat Holiday Park

Marise and John May

In 2015 the Mays were ready for a change—John had been in the police for 30 years and Marise had a long career as a bank manager.

The time was ripe for a move and the couple began exploring the possibilities of buying a camping ground. A mix of family connections, pragmatics and opportunity drew them to Central Otago. They love the climate and outdoor lifestyle.

Being together all-day, every day was something new for the Mays but they are a team that hums. Marise takes care of the office, planning, and health and safety, while John is the cleaning and maintenance man.

“We work really well together. We didn’t know if that was going to happen when we first started. Between us we both look after the customers: Marise gives our customers the warm welcome and I get to meet them around the camping ground and carry on from there.”

Millers Flat Holiday Park Millers Flat Holiday Park Millers Flat Holiday Park

Making Tracks

Central Otago Value: Making a Sustainable Difference

Contributing to the community and local environment are important priorities for the Mays. They’ve planted around 100 native shrubs and cleared a campside walkway on the edge of the Clutha Mata-au River.  They’ve also installed recycling bins that have halved the camp’s waste.

“We opened the camp up and the walkway along the river, so people can enjoy walking through from the village. We’ve cleaned up the riverside frontage that had been used as a bit of a dump and we’ve planted natives there. We send a lot of our customers down there to have a look. We get a lot of walkers, that’s part of the community side of things.”


old-Hearted Kiwi Camping

Central Otago Value: Having Integrity

At the Millers Flat Holiday Park, what you see is what you get. This is gold-hearted, traditional Kiwi camping at its best. It’s not about being the flashiest place around but about a friendly welcome and an authentic Kiwi camping experience, including making sure there’s plenty of hot water.

“It’s important to be true to our customers, to not over promote ourselves or embellish it. It’s always been at the forefront of our minds to make sure that we are open, honest and act with integrity.

We’re both born and bred Kiwis which is really good. We’ve been to other camping grounds and we know they can be flasher, but they can’t just park down by the Clutha or that type of thing.”

Millers Flat Melting Pot

Central Otago Value: Embracing Diversity

Each season the Mays welcome their Otago Southland regulars as well as a growing number of international visitors. Sometimes the camp ground is a bit of a melting pot. In any given month, up to 50% of customers can be from overseas.

"Our regular campers now say to our international visitors `come and have a beer with us’. And then they take them out for a drive to show them the local sights. Next minute we’re talking with the international visitors who say `Oh, when we go to Invercargill we’re going to stay with them (our local holiday makers) while we’re down there.”

“It’s about respecting all of our cultural and personal differences. At the end of the day, we like to treat people all the same.”

Millers Flat Holiday Park