Our Place

Distinctly different

Breathtakingly different. Words and images do not do justice to the innate beauty of Central Otago. You have to sense this place, to physically touch, smell, taste, see and hear its sounds. The sheer beauty, silence and scale of the treeless and vast undulating landscapes engenders a kind of special contemplation - let it stir your soul.

Resourceful communities

This place demands a special courage to live and thrive in, and like any place with extremes, it encourages a special kind of resourcefulness within its communities.  Yet everyone who lives here or comes to call Central Otago home, slowly but surely it will possess them like a tree that’s roots go deep and leaving no longer occurs to them.

Rich Memories

You’ll find each local community is proud of their place. They are full of different characters and different ways of thinking yet there is an historian within each and every one of them. It seems as though they develop this deep understanding of the rich memories and stories that stitch their place together.