Lake Roxburgh Lodge

Developed with care, Lake Roxburgh Lodge is a forward-looking business with a unique market niche. From its special location near the magnificent Roxburgh Dam and Clutha Mata-au River, to its welcoming vibe and homestyle food, the Lodge offers guests a delightful opportunity to immerse themselves in the local environs—whether cycling, walking or simply relaxing.

Lake Roxburgh Lodge

Phil & Kim Winterbottom

Moving from Derbyshire to New Zealand 22 years ago, Kim and Phil found the business opportunity and home life they were seeking at Lake Roxburgh Lodge.

A chef by trade, Kim takes responsibility for the restaurant and marketing. Phil maintains the buildings and the beautiful, expansive gardens, while also finding time to staff the bar and share his interest in craft beers.

But the Winterbottoms’ life at Lake Roxburgh Village is about more than creating a successful business. They’re also passionate about the future wellbeing and prosperity of their community.

“When we first came here, we went down the drive and both said: `oh, this feels like home straight away.’ We love the distinctive seasons here…it comes back to earthiness… my feet are firmly planted in the ground here. We love the intense blue sky–you take it for-granted for a while—and then you go away and come back.”

Lake Roxburgh Lodge Lake Roxburgh Lodge Lake Roxburgh Lodge

Celebrating Quality

Central Otago value: Protecting Our Rich Heritage

At Lake Roxburgh Lodge, Phil has transferred his engineering skills to building work, almost single-handedly transforming the Lodge’s 1950s-style interior into modern-day accommodation. Yet, it’s all been meticulously thought through, with an awareness of protecting and celebrating the past. In one example, dining room furniture has been fashioned out of beautiful recycled rimu remnants from the refurbished guest rooms.

“Living heritage is important to us, purely because if it wasn’t for the dam we wouldn’t be here. I think we’ve respected that throughout the changes that we’ve made to the building. For example, the dining table tops are studs and the tables’ back legs are made from the doors. So, the whole place is amazing, being all rimu.”

Doing Us Proud

Central Otago value: Adding Value

Kim and Phil are passionate about `keeping things moving forward’ – both in their own business and for the wider community.

In their early days, at Lake Roxburgh Lodge, Phil was a founding member of the Teviot Valley Walkways group and Roxburgh Valley Tourism, running 4WD tours, as well as hiring out bikes and kayaks.

He was also instrumental in constructing the Commissioner’s Track—one of the early walkways in the area.

The Winterbottoms put their heart and soul into making the Roxburgh area a destination in its own right.

“We did all of this before the cycle trails were even mooted. For me working on the Commissioner’s Track was great, because you get a history of the area. I’m proud of the dam even though I wasn’t here. I mean the history of it, the people who came out after the war, it must have been a great time to do it.”

New Directions

Central Otago value: Making a Difference

Big ideas are born in small communities. When a village committee that included Phil uncovered the fact that the village had no official name and that `Hydro Village’ was merely a nickname, its members set to work. After a unanimous committee vote to officially call it Lake Roxburgh Village, the name was changed by the NZ Geographic Board.

“I think we’ve tried to contribute to the community. Yet our immediate goal has always been to adapt the business to the market and keep it moving. We wanted to create a place where guests would come and stay to enjoy themselves and feel at home. We love what this place gives us—the distinctive seasons, the climate and the pace of life.”

Lake Roxburgh Lodge