Central Otago Town Crier

In her mid-century coachman’s coat and tricorne hat adorned with NZ native bird emblems, Paddy-Ann’s presence is always a unique delight. With traditional 18th century colour and fanfare, her town crier duties often include greeting guests, leading parades and officiating at ceremonies.  


Central Otago Town Crier

Paddy-Ann Pemberton

Paddy-Ann took a break from primary school teaching when she moved with her husband, Rod, to the Teviot Valley in 2009. She’d been Gore’s part-time town crier so it was only natural she’d offer her unique `crying’ services in Central Otago.

Paddy-Ann pens a special, celebratory cry for every occasion she attends. In her resplendent regalia reflecting Central Otago colours, some see her as a bit of a `flash pirate’.

“I’ve done a bit of stage work. I love to sing, I play the guitar, the ukulele. When you’re a people person, to be a town crier is really quite fantastic because you’ve got license to go out and talk to people.”

“I love meeting people. I’m passionate about it. There’s so many beautiful places in NZ you could cry for. But when you really do come from a place that you embrace, it’s really special it’s not hard.”

Central Otago Town Crier Central Otago Town Crier Central Otago Town Crier

Be Part of It

Central Otago Value: Making A Difference

Living in Central Otago means making a difference, Paddy-Ann says. Everyone can contribute—setting new directions and taking on new challenges. There’s no doubt Paddy-Ann brings a rare, leading-edge quality with her crying skills, winning awards here and overseas. In 2015, she organised an international contest for the world’s best town criers in Alexandra.

“I suppose I see myself more as an ambassador representing the whole area and I look at it as giving back to the community. I’ve been to Tarras, St Bathans, Oturehua, all over the place, as the town crier. It’s about spreading a good word—it’s a very positive thing to be able to do. It’s inspiring people both within and without.”

High, Low and Wide

Central Otago value: Embracing Diversity

Paddy-Ann revels in the diversity Central Otago offers—the richness of history, place and people, and the things that happen here.

 “Well I just think of the world of difference…because all of Central Otago is a world of difference. People come here and they don’t realise all the different things you can do. We’ve got everything.”

“In this valley, you can embrace diversity but when you take the whole of Central Otago, towns are few and far between. We’ve got two with over 5,000 in population and the rest are little villages. That’s what makes us special. And it’s amazing the wealth of talent, the businesses on offer, and all the different things that happen. There are so many opportunities.”

Celebrating What We’ve Got

Central Otago value: Protecting Our Rich Heritage

From her distinctively handcrafted town crier regalia to her carefully chosen cries, Paddy-Ann keeps history alive as she shares Central Otago’s captivating regional stories of yesterday and today.

“One of the coats I wear is a burgundy colour, made of merino and silk…the colour reflects the lovely pinot noir that we grow here, the white on the tricorne hat the beautiful snow-capped mountains, and the little bit of gold on it reflects our history.”

“When I cry, I talk about the gold…with the farming the fact that our fine wools are embraced around the world. Our wines are embraced. For me it’s about celebrating our rich heritage, raising awareness of what is special—being aware of it yourself so you can share it with others.”

Central Otago Town Crier